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Vigil Tech's clients range from small businesses to large multinationals. Although spanning a broad company size demographic, these organisations have in common a desire to have their Information Technology kept simple, cost effective and reliable.


We have found that the complexity of infrastructure and systems required to support a small ERP customer is typically no different to those of an SME, the scale is the only variable. We are able to bring the entire range of skills required to keep a datacentre supporting Enterprise Resource Planning to our customers, regardless of whether it is one server or a large datacentre.


We are careful to protect the anonymity and security of our customers. However if customer references are of interest we are able to supply them as required.



“About 5 years ago I was dissatisfied with our then infrastructure provider and I met the Vigil Tech team at an SAP users meeting. We switched to Vigil Tech who have been far more responsive and provided additional value to our business with their expertise in mission critical ERP systems. Being a large statutory body we are required to seek multiple quotes however Vigil Tech has always come up with the best deals”.

CIO of an Australian headquartered global 350 user SAP site.



"I've known Vigil Tech for many years and they have always been someone you can depend on and who gets things done. They're technically savvy, have excellent business credentials and are always approachable."


Managing DIrector of a Media and Communications Company.



"I find Vigil Tech to be very knowledgable across a wide variety of Technical areas. They are very good to work with and deliver good service. They are one of the few consultants that you can really rely on for good sound advice that is appropriate for the business. I have hired Vigil Tech several times for various technical projects and have given excellent results each time."


CIO, International Law Firm.

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